Luxury Fish Pie

Ingredients – Serves 4

1 x  piece of smoked haddock
1 x piece of salmon
1 x medium gurnard filleted
1 x medium fillet of pollock/cod/ haddock –  or ask your friendly fishmonger for his pie mix which can be more economical!
Chopped parsley
1 x Pint of thick white sauce made with flour, butter, fish juices, and single cream
1 x 1lb creamed potatoes
Some grated cheddar


Place the fish on a greased tray – swiss roll tins are good as they retain the juices.
Put into a preheated oven about 180 C – cook until almost done.
Melt some butter in a pan and stir in some flour, cook for a minute or two over a gentle heat, add the fish juices and some single cream and cook until a thick sauce, season with salt and pepper and add lots of chopped parsley.
Very gently fold in the fish broken into large chunks.
Put into a pie dish and cover with the warm creamed and seasoned potatoes.
Cover with grated cheese and put in the oven which has been turned up to 200C to brown.
As soon as the pie looks as though it is bubbling take it out as the fish doesn’t want to be overcooked.

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